Major Gift Master Plan


The powerful step-by-step system you need to raise more 5 and 6-figure donations

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from more than 20 years of successful fundraising and broken it down into a clear, comprehensive program that teaches the effective implementation of a plan to raise more 5, 6 and even 7-figure gifts. 


I’m a veteran of campaigns ranging from $5M to $200M across the arts, education, health and human services sectors, and during the Great Recession, I increased fundraising revenue annually, including a 20% year­-over-year increase for four consecutive years.


I’ve seen first hand what works, and what doesn’t - this means I teach a proven, road-tested approach to growing major gifts at your organization (even if you’re a smaller shop).   


You’ll learn the high-level strategies behind successful major gift fundraising - but more importantly, you’ll also have it broken down into a step-by-step execution guide that leaves nothing out, and takes nothing for granted. 


Major Gift Master Plan is the only program of its kind that:


  • Combines high-level strategy and practical tactics into a powerful step-by-step system that can be implemented in small, mid-sized and large shops. 


  • Helps you understand the psychology of major gift fundraising, so you can confidently take immediate action on growing your major gifts - even if you feel like conditions are less than perfect.


  • Is being taught LIVE every week, so we can tackle all your burning questions, address your specific challenges, and celebrate your successes in real-time over the course of the program.


  • Gives you LIFETIME ACCESS to the program - not only do you get all the value-packed into Major Gift Master Plan today, but you’ll continue to stay connected with your fundraising peers in the program and get ongoing upgrades as I add new content, templates and resources in the future.  


So, if you’re ready to raise more 5 and 6-figure donations without feeling intimidated, overwhelmed or stretched too thin, here’s how we’ll get you there.

Module 1
Mastering Major Gift Psychology 


Implementing the effective strategies, techniques and tactics you’ll learn in this program is so important - but your mindset is the one thing that can make or break your fundraising success. 


That’s why we’re starting with a clear framework to recognize the difference between tackling an external challenge to your major gift success - and when you need to overcome the internal barriers that are holding you or your organization back from taking action.  



  • Identify the three types of limiting beliefs, and where they come from  

  • Learn about the two mindsets that impact our fundraising results - and the daily behaviours you need to cultivate for sustained success

  • Recognize and address the most common fears that stop most fundraisers from moving forward on their major gifts



A simple but powerful exercise to shift your beliefs or challenge your organization to push ahead, so you can pursue major gifts with confidence every week


Module 2
Building Your Powerful Pipeline


Where do you start looking for more major gifts for your cause? This is the one area where so many fundraisers get stuck when they are building their major gift program. 


In this module, you’ll learn about the big mistake many charities are making when it comes to building their pipeline - and I’ll break down exactly how to create a powerful pipeline so you are ready to take action with your prospects in Module 3.  



  • Clearly define what qualifies as major giving for your organization (many organizations are leaving money on the table because they don’t have this right!)

  • Identify exactly where to find your hottest prospects by clearly mapping out your Circle of Community

  • Create and prioritize your list of top donors and prospects using the 3 C Process. (Connection, Capacity and Conviction)



The major donor rating template I use to help clients master 5, 6 and even 7-figure major gifts


Module 3
Connecting and Cultivating


Now that you’ve identified and prioritized your top prospects, you’re ready for my favourite part of the program - taking action to create a powerful connection directly with your next big donor!  


With Major Gift Master Plan, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel - you can start implementing a proven approach to building relationships with your major gift prospects using the templates, speaking points and tried-and-tested tips included in Module 3.   



  • Understand the key channels for connection and take stock of your potential engagement opportunities, so you never run out of ways to meaningfully reach out to your donors and prospects

  • Create an action plan template so you know exactly what you need to do and when to move a prospect towards a greater investment in your mission and vision.  

  • Set up an effective and repeatable process to contact and qualify donors for your major gift program 



My ready-to-roll Qualification Kit,  including samples, scripts and fill in the blank templates to identify top opportunities


Module 4
Inspiring Investment


If you want to begin securing more 5, 6 or even 7-figure gifts, individual donors need to

be presented with aspirational giving opportunities that inspire a bigger investment.


Starting to develop a compelling case for support that outlines aspirational opportunities for

giving is one of the most important steps you will take to support your fundraising

growth. Ultimately, if you want a $1M individual major gift, you need to be presenting donors

with a million-dollar vision! 



  • Avoid the big mistakes most organizations make when building their case 

  • Get a step-by-step process for creating an irresistible case for giving

  • Learn key strategies for raising more unrestricted gifts



The Compelling Case Framework to quickly create cases for aspirational giving opportunities, based on the donor


Module 5 
Making Meetings Magic

Have you ever left a donor meeting thinking, “what just happened?” You had a nice chat, gave an update on your programs… but you didn’t move the needle any closer to a major gift.


Or, maybe you put off the meeting altogether because you didn’t feel confident steering the conversation.


(And let’s face it. That meeting uncertainty is only heightened now, with no option but to build relationships remotely.)


Getting more strategic about how you use your time in donor meetings can help take your relationships to the next level.


Time with your donors is far too precious to waste - in this module, I’ll show you how to make the most out of every minute of your hard-won meeting with your next big donor… even if it’s over a Zoom call.



  • Learn the behind-the-scenes secrets for having the most successful meetings with donors - as well as the common pitfalls to avoid

  • How to make the most strategic use of your time with a potential major donor 

  • Understand when, where and how to “make the ask” - and how to figure out when the donor is ready to make and waiting to make a commitment to your cause



The Major Gifts Donor Meeting Plan template I use to move every donor conversation towards a goal

Module 6
Systems to Sustain Success 


Last (but definitely not least!) I’ll be showing you how to maintain and effectively implement all the strategies and tactics you’ve acquired after officially graduating from Major Gift Master Plan. 


With the right systems to sustain your success, taking daily action to grow your major gifts will become second nature - and if you remain consistent and persistent, you’ll see how more 5 and 6-figure gifts will follow!



  • Learn a simple Moves Management framework you can implement to ensure you keep working on strategically building your donor relationships, one day at a time - and nothing important falls through the cracks

  • Understand the basic segmentation strategies you need for your data, so you can ensure you are continuing to build your powerful pipeline and spot any hidden gems in your donor base

  • Measure what matters so you can monitor your progress to major gift goals — and avoid overlooking important opportunities 



The Key Performance Indicator (KPI) system I use at every stage of moves management, from identifying to stewarding donors 



“Emma’s teaching style is open and approachable - she created a community for us so I felt like I was learning with a team of people, and not stuck in just another webinar. I left with a better understanding of major gift fundraising, the foundation of skills to succeed at it, and the confidence to start developing a Major Gift program at my organization now.”

Candice McCavitt, Manager of Development


"Before joining Major Gift Master Plan I was struggling with donor calls during Covid-19. Thanks to the program I gained useful tips and confidence, and I have a bigger tool kit and better understanding of moves management. Emma you are awesome!"

Nancy Reyes, Manager, Development

Get instant access to all of this — and more — when Major Gifts Master Plan opens again on July 8th

If you’re ready to join me and a small group of your fundraising peers, sign-up by July 3rd. 


Here’s what it looks inside:


  • Core content will be delivered over the course of eight weeks in six live sessions 

  • We’ll meet weekly on Wednesdays for a one-hour live training, followed by a weekly live Q and A session in our private Facebook group (after enrollment closes, I’ll survey the group to see what times work best with your schedules)

  • You’ll get two implementation weeks in the program to give you extra time and support to complete your work, and take practical action on your major gifts (weeks of July 20 and August 10)

  • You’ll get access to all lesson video recordings in case you miss a live session (and you can review the teaching as many times as you like) 

  • Every resource I share is inside your student portal — with forever access, including free access to new templates, tools and modules I add in months and years to come

Now, it’s easier to get approval for this game-changing professional development 


You’re already busy — and pitching your organization on the case for investment is just one more to-do. That’s why we’ve done the work for you. Just click the button below to instantly download a business case and template email you can use to request approval.

You’ll get instant access to a PDF “Case for Investing in Your Major Gifts Master Plan” 


New as of July 2020, the Major Gift Master Plan is approved for CFRE continuing education credits


That means full participation in Major Gift Master Plan is applicable for 8 points in Category 1.B – Education of the CFRE International application for initial certification and/or recertification.*


“Since working with Emma, we have an organized major gift program - my staff understands moves management, and we’re able to work on major gifts systematically, which produces better results in the long run. We’ve also identified over 75 prospects in our own database! I cannot recommend Emma highly enough for anyone looking for an expert fundraiser who more than delivers what she promises.”   

Firoozeh Radjai, Director of Development

Your no-risk, money-back guarantee

I’m fully confident that the value of Major Gift Master Plan far outweighs the price of the program. 


That’s why I offer a 90-day no-risk refund policy to all my students. 


If by October 6, 2020, you don’t feel you’ve received value from the program, you can email me personally at - simply show me you’ve completed the course work, and I’ll give you your money back, no further questions asked.

Receive these limited-time bonuses


A One-on-One Coaching Session

Get a private 30-minute coaching session to troubleshoot your plans, work your toughest fundraising challenges or get personalized support to master the psychology of major gifts.  

$397 value


Advanced Time Management System for Fundraisers

As a free bonus, you’ll get training on the system I’ve developed over years of coping with increased demands on my time — while generating increasingly larger donations. Learn how to manage the urgent and important, so you can conserve the time it takes to raise more major gifts.

$297 value


Private Major Gift Master Plan Facebook Group

Become part of a community of like-minded fundraisers all working towards the same goal - keep one another accountable, trade feedback, and get real encouragement along the way. 

$997 value 


Live Weekly Q and A 

Receive ongoing support as you move through the program, and get all your most pressing questions answered with a live weekly Q and A session.

$497 value


Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll in Major Gift Master Plan today


Major Gift Master Plan - $1997 value
One-on-One Coaching Call - $397 value
Advanced Time Management System - $297 value
Private Facebook Group - $997 value
Live Weekly Q and A - $497 value


Total value: $4,185


But because I want to make Major Gift Master Plan available to more fundraisers who need this system, I’m pricing everything inside the program at just...




What people are saying…


“Before we began working together, a Major Giving Program did not exist. Now we have a better understanding of our current and lapsed donor capacity, and have hired a Major Gift Director to begin building the foundation of our Major Gift Program. ”  


Meredith Roberts, 

Director, Communications & Annual Giving


“After working with Blue Sky Philanthropy last year, the results of our holiday appeal DOUBLED! Emma was able to provide great insight on how we could better engage with our donors - we’ve incorporated new strategies into our individual giving plan and we have a higher rate of returning donors because of the way we are interacting with them.” 


Joelle Ferreira

Development Officer 


“Emma was invaluable in guiding me, building my confidence and holding me accountable. I accomplish more in my day because I don’t ‘go down a rabbit hole.’ If you work with Emma, you’ll learn what that means!”  


Melanie Brooks, 

Development Manager

Major Gift Master Plan isn’t for everyone...


If you’re ready to take action on implementing a plan to raise more 5 and 6-figure donations, are coachable and open to feedback, Major Gift Master Plan is perfect for you.  


However, this program isn’t for everyone. Major Gift Master Plan is NOT for you if…


You want a quick fix 


Building a successful major gift program takes time. Major gifts are not a quick fix, so you need to commit for the long term to see true results.  


Your organization is brand new to fundraising


If you’re a newly founded nonprofit, or are just starting a fundraising program and have no individual donors, I recommend you focus first on building your fundraising foundation basics before you dive into major gifts. Organizations that will get the best results with Major Gift Master Plan already have a base of individual donors supporting their work. 


You want to learn how to get big corporate gifts or foundation grants


This program is focused on individual major giving. While many individual donors may be business leaders and have family foundations they grant through, I don’t teach about corporate fundraising or grant writing in Major Gift Master Plan.

Major Gift Master Plan 

The powerful step-by-step system you need to raise more 5 and 6-figure donations

*Participation in Major Gift Master Plan may assist you in learning or reviewing concepts covered on the Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE) examination as detailed on the Test Content Outline provided by CFRE International. CFRE International does not sponsor or endorse any educational programs and the (educational program title) was not developed in conjunction with CFRE International.