Fundraising Hollywood style!

We're big movie buffs at my house - a passion that's fueled by my partner in crime (and life!) film writer and magazine editor, Ingrid Randoja.

Since we're reaching peak summer movie season right about now (two words: WONDER WOMAN!), I thought it would be fun to ask our resident film expert to step in and write a guest post to share some of her favourite (occasionally tongue in cheek) big-screen fundraising tips.

Over to you, Ingrid!

The start of summer means blockbuster time at the movies. This is the time we head to air-conditioned theatres to spend a few fun hours with big-screen superheroes, monsters and aliens.

As fundraisers, you may think Hollywood has nothing to teach you about your chosen field, but you’re mistaken — the movies are chock full of great fundraiser tips, especially when it comes to event planning.

Be prepared for unexpected guests - The Dark Knight

When Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) was planning his swanky fundraiser for politician Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) he didn't count on The Joker (Heath Ledger) and his henchman crashing the party and munching on his expensive shrimp skewers and champagne.

Of course, you don’t expect a psychotic, clown-faced villain to drop by your event, but be prepared in any case and have extra food and drink on hand.

Dealing with drama - Two Weeks Notice

After having quit working for her demanding boss George (Hugh Grant), Lucy (Sandra Bullock) puts on her best party frock to attend the circus-themed (questionable decision) New York’s Children’s League fundraiser.

When she discovers George has betrayed her, and plans to tear down a beloved community centre, she runs off upset into the night.

Remember that each guest who attends your event brings their own life problems with them - so be ready to deal with drama!

Treat each guest as if they’re a superhero - Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Unassuming reporter Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) meets billionaire Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) at the Metropolis Library fundraiser. But take off Clark’s masterful disguise of oversized glasses, and imagine a black cowl on Bruce, and voilà - we have Superman and Batman.

You never know the heroic deeds your event guests are capable of, so treat each of them as a superhero who can help your organization.

Thanks Ingrid! And hello, Hollywood? Have you not heard that events cost 50 cents to raise a dollar? Call me when you send your protagonist out on a major donor meeting - now that would make a compelling storyline!

Do you have a favourite big screen fundraising scene? Ingrid and I would love to read your best (and worst!) Hollywood style tips in the comments below.

All photos courtesy of Warner Bros.

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