Don’t delay – thank your mentor today

I’m sitting down to write this on my mentor’s birthday.

Her name was Mo Davies, and I credit her with first sparking my passion for major gift fundraising.

Mo was my coach on my very first capital campaign, back before coaching was really a thing.

Part teacher, part cheerleader, and all straight talker, Mo had my back. She always looked out for the little guy, and strongly believed that transformational gifts were possible for even the smallest of shops.

Mo passed away in 2012 – and I still regret that I never did take the opportunity to properly thank her and tell her what a difference she made in my life.

As fundraisers, sharing our gratitude is such a central part of our work with donors. We understand the importance of thanking, appreciating and celebrating our supporters (even if we aren’t always very consistent in doing it!)

But too often, we don’t think about extending that gratitude to others who have had an equally meaningful impact on our work.

Please, take the time today to reach out and thank someone who has been an important mentor or influence for you – because we never know what tomorrow will bring.

Thanks for reading this brief and to the point piece (because that’s the way Mo would have liked it!).

And thank you, Mo – your legacy lives on in all of us, and the small shops and social justice issues you so tirelessly supported.

Are you a small shop doing fantastic fundraising in the Greater Toronto Area? You should apply for the Mo Davies Small Organization Award for Excellence in Fundraising! Deadline for the AFP Greater Toronto 2018 Philanthropy Awards is July 16.

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