The power of mutually transformative gifts

We talk a lot in fundraising about the idea of transformative major gifts.

Typically, these are gifts of the size and magnitude that have a transformative impact on an organization and the people they serve – those gifts that are game changers in a non-profit’s history, and ability to meet their mission.

What we don't talk about enough is the transformative effect that kind of giving can have on a donor.

So, the next time you feel a little hesitant to pick up the phone because you feel like you might be bothering or interrupting a donor, remember this:

Just as a donor's philanthropy can change the world, you have the power to change a donor's life for the better through the opportunities you offer for giving.

Transformative gifts are a two-way street, my friend.

Let this knowledge inspire you to take that next bold move, to have the conversation with the donor, book that meeting, pick up the phone - because you have the power to change a donor's life!

Emma Lewzey, CFRE is an award-winning fundraising expert with 20+ years experience raising over $100M across the arts, education, health and human services sectors. Find out how to raise more 5, 6 and 7-figure donations your non-profit - book your free Major Gift Strategy Session now.

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