FREE TRAINING with award winning fundraising expert Emma Lewzey 

How to Raise Six-Figure Donations For Your Nonprofit

This step-by-step training will reveal the secrets to landing more major gifts without fear, intimidation or overwhelm.

   During this free training, you'll discover:

  • The 6 stages you must master to raise truly transformational gifts for your cause
  • The #1 mistake people make with donors that leaves millions of dollars on the table - and how one reframe can lead to 5, 6 and even 7-figure donations from the most unexpected places
  • The simple system every organization needs to grow major gifts and increase your success - whether you are new to fundraising, or a seasoned nonprofit leader
  • You'll leave the training with new ideas, fresh insights and greater clarity on the specific shifts you need to make to grow your major gift fundraising so you can have the impact you’ve always desired

Nonprofit leaders trust Emma and her strategies...

“Emma's knowledge of major gift fundraising is absolute. She gave me an eye-opening, valuable framework for managing major gift fundraising that I somehow missed in my eight years in the profession. Wish I could rewind and start over with this new knowledge!”

-Susie Graham, Executive Director of Development

“Whether you are new to fundraising or have experience in the field, Emma provides lots of practical steps you can take to help your major gift program grow. I loved all of the ‘hands on’ suggestions, and now major gift fundraising is not nearly as intimidating as it once was for me.”

-Denyse Newton, CEO

“Since working with Emma, my team understands moves management, and we’ve identified over 75 new major gift prospects in our own database! I cannot recommend Emma highly enough for anyone looking for an expert fundraiser who more than delivers what she promises.”

-Firoozeh Radjai, Director of Development

Emma is a fundraising expert with over 20 years experience helping you raise more 5, 6 and 7-figure donations for your nonprofit

I’m a veteran of campaigns ranging from $5M to $200M across the arts, education, health and human services sectors, and during the Great Recession, I increased fundraising revenue annually, including a 20% year­ over­ year increase for four consecutive years.

I’ve seen first hand what works, and what doesn’t - this means I teach a proven, road-tested approach to growing major gifts at your organization (even if you’re a smaller shop).

If you’re a fundraiser, Executive Director or nonprofit leader looking to consistently grow sustainable revenue for your cause, you probably already know that you need a successful major giving program. 

So if you’re ready to stop working reactively and chasing after the latest FSO (Fundraising Shiny Object)...

...and start raising the money you need to achieve transformational change through your organization’s crucial work, I've created this free training especially for you!