3 ways to end the fundraising year on a high note


After the year we’ve had, it may feel like you are running on fumes…

...and it’s so hard not to envy those colleagues who have the holidays off, especially our peers who aren’t involved in fundraising!
But you know what? I’ve always secretly appreciated these days between Christmas and New Years.
And although December 30 and 31 are some of the busiest donation days of the year, I often found I could carve out a bit of quiet time in a largely empty office to reflect.
I made you a quick video to share some easy ideas to help you end the year on a high note (yes, even this one!) - and lay the groundwork for your best year yet in 2021!
And if you didn’t spot my not-your-average holiday card, open up for my special holiday message (it’s something you might need to hear right about now!)

Hang in there my friend, 2020 is nearly over!

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