3 ways to tap into the power of legacy giving

legacy gifts

If you’re like a lot of organizations, you could be missing out on one of the biggest opportunities for potentially transformational donations.

Asking donors to include a gift to your organization in their will.

I’ve been in your shoes, so I know how the refrain goes when you're talking to your CEO and board about planned giving – does this sound familiar?

“We don’t need the money in the future – we need the money RIGHT NOW.” 

This is shortsighted thinking, and it’s holding a lot of charities back from realizing their fundraising potential.

I won’t throw a lot of numbers at you about Boomers and the billions of dollars of wealth that’s being transferred between generations, but I will ask you this.

Could your organization use a $30,000 gift?

Because that’s the average size of a bequest in Canada – and that’s the kind of money you’re leaving on the table if you’re not talking about legacy giving in your organization.

This week, I went live to talk about the practical steps you can take to tap into the power of legacy giving at your organization (spoiler alert - planned giving doesn’t need to be expensive, complicated, or time consuming!)

Highlights from the video:

2:00: Personal story of leaving a gift in my own will

4:41: Mindset around asking for gifts in wills

8:50: Number one tip

11:18: Tip #2

15:11: Tip #3

21:06: Willpower - amazing resource for Canadian fundraisers

Resources shared in the video:

Dr. Russel James:

Will Power:

Catch the replay and leave all your questions and comments!

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