5 ways to boost your major gift confidence


We’re celebrating a big milestone in my family this week - my teenage niece got her learner’s permit! 

 Do you remember learning how to drive?

There was so much to think about - you had your attention on a million things, like figuring out the controls, checking and adjusting your mirrors, watching your blindspot, following directions, and being aware of the cars around you.

Even if you’re an experienced fundraiser or nonprofit leader, taking your major gift fundraising to the next level can feel like getting behind the wheel of a big rig after you’ve been driving a reliable compact car your whole life!

Just like driving, continuing to build your confidence is crucial to your fundraising success.

And that’s why I recorded this video - watch now to learn 5 ways you can boost your major gift confidence, and raise the money you need to achieve the impact you dream of.

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