Are you too small to raise major gifts?

small nonprofits

Sometimes, when you’re the little guy, it can feel like you’re up against the world.

 But the truth is, you have some major advantages when it comes to big gifts.

If you’re anything like me, this is one of your busiest weeks of the year - so I’m going to get right down to business today, and tell you why I think you’re already perfectly positioned to raise more 5, 6 and even 7-figure gifts for your amazing cause!

1. Your major gifts start under $100K

It’s not unusual for a major giving program at a large organization to start at $100,000

You know what that means?

That means incredibly generous donors giving significant gifts aren’t even on the radar of some organizations with traditional, established MG programs.

I can be a lot easier than you think to start qualifying donors for your small but mighty major gift program - and you’re going to stand out from the crowd

2. You can provide highly personalized attention

Speaking of personal attention, as a smaller shop, you can lavish personal attention on your donors in a way that big shops only dream of!

I received a beautiful thank you package yesterday from a small organization I give to (and I’m not anywhere close to a major donor).

There was a handwritten note from the Executive Director, and an impact report (with my name on it!) which was packed with great stories and photos.

All in a little under three sheets of paper, probably produced on someone’s desktop printer.

Your size can give you the incredible advantage of making every contact personal and meaningful - it’s your secret smaller shop super power!

3. Donors don’t want to be a drop in the bucket

I noticed an interesting pattern at recurring when I was working at a small shop about ten years ago.

We kept hearing from donors that were giving to us not in spite of our small size, but BECAUSE of it!

Over and over, we’d hear comments just like this one:

“My donations feel like a drop in the bucket at large charities - but at your organization, I know my gift is making a big difference.”

Our smallness was actually a unique selling point, and one we quickly worked into our case for support.

Many donors feel that their gift is going to stretch a lot further and make a bigger impact at a smaller organization. So don’t hesitate to emphasize the fact that you are small, or hyper local, if that’s something you notice resonates with your donors.

It’s time to shed those limiting beliefs that hold you back from fundraising success, and step into the power you have to land big gifts as a small shop!

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