How the culture of busyness is hurting your fundraising

I just did something that truly terrifies me. 

It’s something I set as a BIG goal for myself this year.

I actually broke out in a cold sweat before I hit the “submit” button…

…when I signed up for a week-long silent meditation retreat. 

Even though I’m an introvert, the idea of being with my own thoughts with no distractions for 7 days is…unnerving, to say the least!

Because stepping back from the busyness to reflect on what matters the most is SCARY.

This experience inspired the question I want to ask you today: 

What are you hiding from by buying into the culture of busyness?

It’s often easier to stay mindlessly busy in our work, than to take a moment to pause and reflect on what matters the most right now. 

This shows up in our fundraising as well. 

When we need to raise more money, we have a tendency to pile on more and more short term tactics, rather than taking the time to slow down and understand what will have the greatest impact over the long run. 

I recognize that this can be challenging, especially if your organization has a toxic culture of performative busyness (like so many nonprofits do). 

If you are in a leadership role, you can have a huge impact by role modeling - you can set the norm in so many ways, even by taking a pause, leaving on time, and properly unplugging during your vacation. 

And even if you don’t feel you are in a position to challenge the larger culture of busyness at your organization, you can still make a difference.

No one but you is going to know if you take 20 minutes to reflect.

Press pause, and take a moment to celebrate your wins (however big or small). 

Tune in to your body, and how you are feeling right now. 

Go for a walk - and just be present instead of plugging in to another podcast (ok, I’ll admit, I’m a work in progress on this one!)

Because magic can happen when you step away from the busyness.

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