How to use the “fresh start effect” to raise more money this spring

Do you love the new beginning of spring as much as I do? 🌱 🌷 💐 

This great “fresh start” feeling isn’t your imagination - it’s a phenomenon backed up by science.

The fresh start effect is a simple but powerful principle that can help you grow your fundraising and increase your impact

Research led by Wharton professor Katy Milkman found that “fresh starts” on specific event dates - like a birthday, an anniversary or a new school year - can enable you to be more effective at setting and achieving behavioral-changing goals.

At this point, you might be asking…what do fresh starts and behavioral change have to do with fundraising success?

The activities you commit to doing consistently - even seemingly small behaviors like picking up the phone to call a donor - matter way more than those you do only once in a while

Creating consistent habits and changing the behaviors that are getting in the way of being a more effective fundraiser can have a huge impact on your fundraising revenue 

Here are three 3 of my favorite strategic questions to help you leverage the “fresh start effect”, so you can raise more money, and touch more lives with your important work:

  1. What do you think you need to focus on to raise more money? 
  2. What’s one single action you can commit to taking more consistently as a part of your fundraising fresh start? 

  3. How often would you like to take this action? (Go schedule it into your calendar right now!)

How are you using the fresh start effect to achieve your goals this spring?

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