Managing Up: The Power of Mindset

When managing up, one of the most powerful and influential pieces of the puzzle is actually your own mindset.

Imagine this scenario: you've reached out to a potential donor five times without receiving a response. Now, I ask you to call them a sixth time. What are your immediate thoughts?

You might think something like, "I don't want to bother them," or "If they haven't responded by now, they must not be interested."

Thoughts like this are common, but they are actually hindering your success. If you are going to effectively manage up, you need to check in with yourself first.

By shifting your mindset, you can transform how you approach these challenges, ultimately leading to better outcomes and stronger professional relationships.

We often mistake our internal dialogue for reality, but this isn't necessarily true. Your thoughts are not facts.

To increase your influence as a trusted fundraiser, start by examining your own thinking patterns, especially when it comes to being persistent with donors. Ask yourself: What thoughts are holding me back from being tenacious?

Recognizing these thoughts is the first step towards changing them. You have the power to reshape your mindset.

Instead of thinking, "I'm pestering them," challenge yourself to reframe your thoughts to something more empowering, like, "By contacting this donor, I'm offering them an opportunity to make a meaningful impact. So why should I feel badly about reaching out to them to give that opportunity?”

This change in mindset perspective transforms your approach with donors from hesitant to confident engagement.

To begin managing up effectively, try challenging your limiting thoughts and focus on the potential positive outcomes.

What are the thoughts getting in your way of managing up, and how can you start to change your mindset around them? 

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