4 ways to use personalized video to connect with donors

Do you ever find yourself struggling to come up with a meaningful reason to reach out to a major donor?

We’ve all been there!

There’s a unique way to make a connection and deepen your relationship that most fundraisers aren’t using:

And that is personalized video!

With simple video creation tools like Vidyard, Bonjoro or ThankView (to name just a few) you can quickly create highly personalized updates, check-ins, or thank you messages, and embed a preview right in your email to a donor.

And no need for Hollywood production values here!

You don’t need scripts, fancy lighting or extensive editing.

The goal really is authenticity – connecting with donors in a real and personal way.

If you’re interested in getting started with personalized video, here are some ideas for you:

💡 Do an “unboxing” of a crucial new piece of equipment your supporters helped fund

💡 Walkthrough a busy program morning at your organization (keeping confidentiality top of mind, or course!)

💡 Record a personalized thank you message from your ED or CEO expressing gratitude and emphasizing the difference their contribution has made

💡 Even a quick, spontaneous update from your desk can go a long way in keeping donors in the loop about the impact of their support!

The possibilities really are endless.

While video can't replace live interactions or conversations, it certainly adds a powerful tool to our touchpoint toolbox! 🧰

Have you tried incorporating personalized videos to strengthen connections with your donors? If not, what do you feel is holding you back? Hit reply and let me know!

I’m ready for my close up - how about you?

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