[Quick Tip] Don't give up on donors too soon

In this series of Quick Tips, I’m sharing my favorite ideas that are quick to read, simple to implement, and - most importantly - when used consistently, they’re effective ways to grow your major gift fundraising.

These tips are all inspired by you, and your response to my recent question: What’s the #1 challenge you are facing when it comes to your major gift fundraising?

I’ve seen it happen too many times…

So many fundraisers give up far too soon when it comes to trying to land a meeting with a donor!

To borrow a statistic from sales (because ALL OF US are in sales, my friend!) it can take EIGHT OR MORE touch points before you can qualify a lead.

But most people give up after only three or four attempts to contact their donors and prospects.

Is this you, too? 

When you are tempted to stop following up too soon, it’s time to have a closer look at your major gift mindset.

Here’s some common thoughts that comes up when I am coaching fundraisers and nonprofit leaders on landing more major gifts:

“He’s too busy to meet with me...”

“If I follow up again they’re going to think I’m pestering them!”

“Why would a major donor want to speak with me? I’m not important enough…”

If this sounds familiar, I want you to know - this is totally normal, and you’re not alone! 

Even as a seasoned fundraiser, thoughts like these don’t always go away. Instead, you get better at recognizing them for what they are…

It’s just a thought, not a fact! 

Do you notice any thoughts or beliefs like these common ones I’ve shared today? In what ways may these be holding you back from raising more major gifts? 

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