[Quick Tip] No response when you reach out to donors? Try this

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In this series of Quick Tips, I’m sharing my favorite ideas that are quick to read, simple to implement, and - most importantly - when used consistently, they’re effective ways to grow your major gift fundraising.

These tips are all inspired by you, and your response to my recent question: What’s the #1 challenge you are facing when it comes to your major gift fundraising?

Do you sometimes find yourself reaching out to a donor or prospect repeatedly without getting a response?

Sometimes, we default to leaning heavily on the communication channels WE feel most comfortable with (hello, email!), rather than mixing it up to see what works for the donor. 

So, if you aren’t getting a response via email, try picking up the phone. 

Or prepare the donor by sending a good old-fashioned letter telling them why you want to meet, and letting them know how and when you will follow up with them to find a convenient time.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different channels. 

One of the most powerful - and underutilized! - ways to communicate with major donors is by personalized video. (If you’re new to this, think of it as 1 to 1 video - it can be created and customized for a specific individual viewer.)

There are a range of different platforms that make it simple to create personalized videos for your donors - and many have affordably priced options for organizations of every size. 

What is your trusted way to reach out to donors? And where might you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone to try something new?

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