Self-compassion for fundraisers with Dr. Adia Gooden


Dr. Adia Gooden and I talk about the power of self-compassion, and how fundraisers and nonprofit leaders can cultivate this important skill.

Dr. Adia Gooden is a licensed clinical psychologist and a dynamic speaker and trainer who’s passionate about cultivating unconditional self-worth in others. Be sure to leave all your questions and comments about this video!

Here are some highlights from the video:

(01:19) What exactly do we mean when we say self-compassion?

(03:34) Why is self-compassion actually a wiser approach versus being your own tough critic?

(06:09) How can we take action to have more self-compassion and grow this?

(07:06) Three core components of self-compassion

(09:12) What can organizations do to encourage greater self-compassion within their teams?

(14:07) The connection between self-compassion and how that supports avoiding the big problem we have in fundraising and the nonprofit sector burnout.

(18:51) If there was one thing or one idea or one action that you could leave folks with today to move forward and grow that self-compassion what would that one idea be?

Resources mentioned in the video:

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