The #1 barrier to finding major donors

finding major donors

The biggest barrier to finding major donors isn’t necessarily about who you know, or who you have access to.

The biggest barrier is how we think about finding donors and raising more money with major gifts. 

One of the most damaging - and pervasive - ways of thinking in our organizations (and the nonprofit sector as a whole) focuses on scarcity mentality.

A scarcity mindset is dangerous because it stops you from even getting started (we’re not going to be successful - so why bother?) 

It also feeds into a counterproductive sense of competition with other organizations or fundraisers for what is perceived to be a limited piece of the pie. 

(This even happens internally at organizations, which is how dreaded silos develop between annual giving and major gifts at larger shops.)

Here’s something important to remember to help change the way you approach your work: 

Fundraising is not a zero-sum game. 

Through better fundraising, I believe we can actually grow the pie of donors and donations significantly, so there is more money for everyone. 

Just because another organization in your community has been successful and received a significant gift does not mean there is less for you. 

In fact, quite the opposite.

When researching potential major donors, one of the key areas that prospect researchers look at is philanthropic giving history - past giving has always been one of the greatest indicators of a prospect’s willingness to donate in the future.

So when we see a generous gift coming in to another organization in our community, or to a nonprofit similar with a mission similar to our own, let’s see it for what it is:

A reason to celebrate. 

If you want to raise more money with major gifts, don’t miss downloading your free Blueprint for Major Gift Success - 4 steps to raising more 5, 6 and 7-figure donations (at any size shop).

Now let’s get out there and grow that philanthropy pie!

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