Time to break out the cake

For most of my fundraising career, celebrating my accomplishments was not high on my list of priorities.

I’d check something off - big or small - and immediately rush on to the next thing.
I think a lot of you - especially perfectionists and type A personalities - grapple with this problem. You don’t take the time to reflect, feel proud, and acknowledge how incredible you are!
So let’s take a moment right now and appreciate what you’ve accomplished.
Maybe you made a career move, hit a professional development milestone, raised more money, or kept your organization’s doors open during these tough times.
Or perhaps it’s simply getting through another pandemic Groundhog Day juggling kids, virtual school, and a seemingly endless stream of Zoom meetings.
Speaking of doing more celebrating, I recently broke out the confetti (literally!) for my amazing Major Gift Master Plan students, as we wrapped up the most recent session of the program.
Each of them made commitments, took action and moved closer to reaching their fundraising goals - and I couldn’t be more proud!
If you’re up for it, I have some homework for you this week.
I want you to share one of your accomplishments with someone - whether you post on social media, tell a colleague, or share with a friend, spouse or partner.
Heck, you can even just write a comment and tell me - I’d love to celebrate your accomplishments with you!
I know it can sometimes feel hard to celebrate yourself, but you never know how your story will impact the life of someone reading it. Sharing your accomplishments far and wide creates a positive ripple effect in the lives of far more people than you might think.
So toss that confetti, break out the cake - and celebrate!
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