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connecting with donors

If there was a powerful tool you could use to build stronger bonds with your donors, wouldn’t you want to start using it right away?

Here’s the catch - it’s a super power we’re sometimes reluctant to use because we fear it might make things awwwwkward when communicating with our supporters.

This week, I’m sharing the results of a fascinating study that looked at something relevant to all of us as fundraisers right now: how we communicate with others, and what vehicles or channels we use to do this…and why we choose them!

Researchers predicted that people’s preferences for communication media would be guided by the “expected costs and benefits of the interaction” - namely, how awkward or uncomfortable the interaction would be, and how connected they would feel to others.

What did they discover?

All ways of connecting with donors are not created equal.

And if you want to build a stronger relationship with your donors, and raise more money for your mission, then this video is for you!

P.S. If you’re nerdy like me and interested in reading the abstract (charmingly subtitled “Misunderstanding the impact of communication media can lead to suboptimal choices of how to connect with others”) you can find it here.

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