Using video to build powerful donor relationships

If you’re feeling reluctant to get on-camera, you’re not alone.
When I talk to fundraisers like you about using video to build powerful relationships with your donors, almost everyone admits they feel uncomfortable in front of a camera.
But here’s the thing…
If we’re going to continue getting face-to-face with our donors while in person meetings are impossible, video is going to be a crucial tool.
You can’t wait any longer. And you can’t let feeling uncomfortable get in the way of doing the right thing for your donor, and your fundraising.
In this video, PR Strategist & Media Coach Jennifer Singh joins me to talk about how to get confident on-camera, so you can start using video more effectively to connect with your donors, supporters, and community.
We cover everything you need to know, including:
  • The #1 reason you aren’t using video
  • How to know what to say when the camera starts rolling
  • The best ways to get started if you are totally new to being on-camera
Stay tuned for Part 2 of this conversation, when I welcome another special guest to talk about our top video tools and tactics for fundraisers - coming soon!
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