Your Year-End Fundraising Survival Kit with Dr. Adia Gooden

year-end fundraising

There are few words that can strike fear into the heart of every fundraiser like these ones:

“Only 59 days left until the end of the year.”

I remember the particular mix of feelings that come along with year-end too well.

You take a whole lot of “I’m running out of time!” add a dash of “are we going to hit our goals this year?” and throw in some “will this busy season ever end!?” and you have the potent cocktail that is year-end fundraising!

Psychologist Dr. Adia Gooden is joining me this week to bring you Your Year-End Fundraising Survival Kit, as we count down the days to December 31.

We’re not going to be talking about last-minute fundraising tactics here - but we are going to be tackling the timely topics you need to thrive this holiday season, including:

- How to create and maintain healthy boundaries - even if we feel like our time is not our own, or we’re wearing multiple hats at work

- Why self-care has gotten a bad name - and what sets truly meaningful self-care apart from the superficial stuff

- How leaders and organizations can effectively support fundraisers through this high-pressure time

No matter how you’re feeling right now, we’re here to help you finish 2021 strong - whatever that means for you!

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