Recession-proof your fundraising with effective strategy

Do you suspect that you could be raising much more money, much more effectively?


With my skills in Strategy Development and Planning, we can work together to see the big picture, understand the broader trends that impact you, and put a smart strategy in place that’s a great fit for your organization.
We’ll assess the effectiveness of your current fundraising initiatives, discover your untapped opportunities, and understand what needs to be in place for your future fundraising success.
​​It’s time to focus your precious resources on what works – fundraising initiatives that have the greatest chance for success, the best alignment with your values, and the highest potential return on your investment.
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Get faster fundraising results with the Accelerated Major Giving Coaching Program


Are you struggling to land big gifts for your cause, and can’t figure out why nothing is working? You may be missing an important key to your success


A proven step-by-step plan to get you making the right moves to raise more 5 and 6-figure donations for your organization - and expert help to implement it. 
By the end of this structured, one-on-one major gift coaching program, you’ll have an effective, repeatable process for identifying, qualifying, cultivating, soliciting and stewarding major donors – and you’ll develop the skills, knowledge and confidence you need to land a transformational gift for your non-profit’s important work.
To find out if you’re the right fit for the program, take the first step and book a 30 minute coaching consultation.
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Learn a proven system to growing major gifts with Major Gift Master Plan


I teach a road-tested approach to growing major gifts at your organization (even if you’re a smaller shop)

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from more than 20 years of successful fundraising and broken it down into a clear, comprehensive online program that teaches the effective implementation of a plan to raise more 5, 6 and even 7-figure gifts. 
You’ll learn the high-level strategies behind successful major gift fundraising - but more importantly, you’ll also have it broken down into a step-by-step execution guide that leaves nothing out, and takes nothing for granted. 
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