The power of being an introvert fundraiser

introverted fundraisers

In this video, I talk about the power of being an introvert fundraiser, and how to leverage those strengths to raise more money.

I deep dive into this important topic - we’ll be covering ideas to inspire you, and practical strategies to help you avoid potential pitfalls, including:

- The characteristics that make us some of the top fundraisers - especially when it comes to working with big donors.

- The limiting beliefs about introversion you need to stop buying into right now.

- Danger zones to watch out for if you’re an introverted fundraiser - and how to effectively manage them.

Here are some highlights from the video:

(01:28) What do I actually mean when I'm talking about being an introvert versus being an extrovert?

(02:05) Extroverts vs. introverts

(04:35) How introverts really shine

(07:43) Introvert strength #2: a real ability to deeply focus and concentrate.

(12:28) Introvert danger zones,

(14:33) Challenges introverts sometimes face

(15:12) My experience with recognizing being an introvert

(17:41) Key takeaways

(20:25) The importance of being really purposeful about taking action as an introvert.

If you’re an introvert, or you lead or collaborate with introverts on your team, this is the perfect video for you!

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