My harsh inner critic

Spring is finally here! This is my favourite season, and it seems to hold even more meaning this year - no matter how challenging things are, I always find spring refreshes my spirits.

March has been an action packed month - when we hit the one year mark since the pandemic started, I found myself counting down the days until spring started, and reflecting on things I wish I’d known before the pandemic hit and the world changed so drastically.

I know the ways you’re meeting with donors has changed a lot over the last year - and if you’re struggling, you’re not alone! If you’re a fundraiser who doesn’t currently have face to face meetings available as an option, I wrote 4 ways to land your next donor meeting just for you.

Speaking of struggles, I sat down virtually with psychologist Dr. Adia Gooden to talk about the power of self-compassion to carry us through difficult times, and how fundraisers and nonprofit leaders can cultivate this important skill - a conversation that was much needed this month.

One thing I’ve been working on personally is recognizing and working with my harsh inner critic - is this something you can identify with too?

Dr. Adia shared some great practical tips, and talked about why the being-tough-on-yourself approach doesn’t work (and after our chat, my inner critic will forever be known as “teacher one” - watch to find out what I mean!)

Before I go, I want to make sure you didn’t miss this awesome opportunity for small nonprofits. I partnered with my good friends at The Good Partnership to offer a scholarship valued at $729 to their Flipside Fundraising program (hurry, the application closes at midnight eastern time TONIGHT!).

Certainly, our challenges continue on so many fronts, but they somehow seem just a little more bearable when the spring flowers come into bloom. 💐

I'm wishing you all the best for this beautiful season of renewal!

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